Adding Pictures & Files

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The addition of pictures will not only enhance the visual attractiveness of your wiki, but they will engage your viewers. A good percentage of your students will be visual learners.

View this short video demonstration of how to add pictures to your wiki. * I would strongly recommend creating a file that holds all of your wiki pictures. You will need pictures that have already been saved to your computer to upload to your wiki.

Step 1. Create a file on your computer and use it to save pictures to. When you save a picture, give it a name you will remember it by.
Step 2. Click "Edit this Page"
Step 3. Click "File" from the formatting toolbar
Step 4. Click "Upload Files" (remember what you named your picture or file)
Step 5. Click "Open" or "OK"
Step 6. Align or resize your picture
Step 7. Click "Save"

Video Demonstration for adding Pictures/Files