Testing (mp3)

Created with GarageBand

1. Project Chooser-->Podcast (Give your podcast a name that you will remember) Save it to a pre-created file-->CREATE
2. Record your podcast3. Share-->Send Podcast to iTunes *Compress Using--MP3 Encoder" "Audio Settings--Spoken Podcast--->Share
4. Go to wiki page and click "Edit" 5. From the toolbar choose "File"6. Navigate to your MUSIC files and then on to your iTunes Playlist and select your podcast


Video Demo How to Add an AudioBoo

Sign up for a free account with audioboo. Record audio files up to 3 minutes long. Copy and Paste Embed Code into the "Widget" field to add the podcast to your wiki.
Does not work with Mac because it requires Flash

Elementary Podcasts

St.Martin Elementary School

MIddle School Podcast

Calais Middle School